Animal Communication

What is Animal Communication?

Animal Communication is a psychic, intuitive and spiritual connection, a two-way telepathic communication or reading. I connect using these abilities long distance to help you with your animal friend.

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Animal Communication is used to further our understanding of our animal companions and strengthen human-animal relationships. A communication with your animal companion can help solve behavior problems and help with health issues.

An animal communicator relays messages between you and your animal friend to help you both understand each other, work through behavioral problems. An animal communicator can perform a medical intuitive health scan to find physical discomfort or pain to help you and your animal friend, as well as your veterinarian, with health problems.

All people have the ability to communicate with animals; however, in some of us this skill is more developed. Anyone can learn to communicate with animals. All it takes is learning a few techniques and practice!

What to Expect from an Animal Communication  

An Animal Communication is performed at a human guardian’s request, to help with solving a problem or concern that the person may have about the animal.    

People contact me from all around the world to request a consultation, which consists of a telepathic communication to receive the animal’s feelings, thoughts, physical and emotional state.

This is done completely long distance with me never seeing the animal in person. I have performed more than 9000 animal communications long distance and have a very high rate of accuracy.

Your request must have a specific main concern or focus in mind. Having a main concern or focus rather than a list of unrelated questions allows for the specific information you need to flow in.

The communication begins with my going into a meditation to energetically connect with the animal, establish the animal’s identity and then mentally ask questions to address your concern. Once I connect with the animal we discuss the concern, including the animal’s reasons for its behavior, how the animal feels about the situation and what might be done to remedy the problem. I then do what is called a body scan or intuitive health scan to determine physical well-being and uncover health problems. I can give your pet a message from you and receive messages for you from your animal friend to help resolve the problem or concern.

I can help lost pets to find their way home. I can also communicate with animals that have passed over. Sometimes people just want to know if their animal is content. I wrote a book, A Journey Through End of Life And Beyond, to help people understand this process.

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The entire communication is done via telepathy and I do not need to be physically present with the animal, nor do I need a photo of the animal.

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Help for Emotional and Behavioral Problems

I often help with emotional and behavioral problems, especially with dog, cat, and horse issues. Some of the problems I have helped resolve with cats, dogs, horses and other animals include housebreaking, aggression and relationships with other animals or people in the household. 

If your cat pees on the carpet, couch or wall rather than his litter box, it may be due to urinary tract infection symptoms, or it could be that the litter box is in the wrong place.
It could be due to an emotional issue. Your cat could be upset about something or angry at another member of the household. He may be upset about a new pet in the house.
I can alert you to whether there is a physical problem and help you understand what is going on in your cat’s mind in the case of an emotional problem.
Often a pet will have clear reasons for a behavior issue and is willing to help. They often offer their own ideas for solving the problem. Understanding why your animal is doing what they are doing can really help maintain or regain harmony in your household!

Help with resolving your animals health problems

If your animal friend is displaying unusual symptoms, has an illness or your pet is sick sometimes a veterinarian can have difficulty pinning down the cause of the problem.

I can help pinpoint pain and discomfort by performing a body scan, and this can help your veterinarian diagnose health concerns. Your pet can tell me how it feels, physically, emotionally and mentally, bringing to light exactly what is going on and what can be done to help. 

I am not a veterinarian and cannot diagnose a specific named disease. I simply connect with the animal to inquire about your concerns, perform a health scan to see how they feel physically, and relay the information intended for you, with the sincere hope that this is helpful to you both so that we can work together to solve the problem or remedy the situation.

My specialty is in doing body scans or Health scans, as a medical intuitive.  In this way I am able to assist you and your veterinarian by describing to them any pain or discomfort the animal may be feeling.

The veterinarians are able to validate what I am picking up from the animal and based on the description of what I am feeling, are then able to then make a decision on what course of action to take in order to heal the animal.

I have found Georgina’s interpretation in the animal’s communication to be very reliable. She often says things about the animal’s health, and her analysis of the situation is very accurate. We routinely refer animal owners to her for communication. I find her communications sincere, honest and straightforward.”

Dr. M. Smith, DVM Tree of Life Veterinary Care, Courtenay, B.C.

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Help with settling new animals into the family

With recently adopted animals, an Animal Communication can provide lots of useful information – like its personality and character, what would make it feel at home, and how to help your pet settle in with the other animal and human members of the family.


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Interpreting the Animal’s Message

When I perform an animal communication, I am working with energies. What I receive during the communication is an energetic message from the animal, which I interpret for you.

In performing an animal communication at your request, my intentions are always of a higher purpose. I am here to assist both you and your pet, with no judgment or opinion of the communication.

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Does my animal friend have any messages for me?

After the main concern has been discussed and I have performed the body scan, I ask the animal if there are any messages for you. The messages are sometimes simple such as what the animal wants or needs, but can often be quite detailed and include why this particular animal is in your life right now. 

Will my pet give my secrets away or say bad things about me? 

No! In my experience of communications with thousands of animals, I have found that they are extremely loyal and devoted to helping their human caregivers. They understand we all have problems or issues we do not want others to know about, or that we may not be ready to deal with. 

They know that they are in our lives for a purpose that we may not even understand.
They are loving and compassionate in their messages for their humans. They understand that their human has come to me because they care for their animal friend and want to help them in the best way they can. In my experience, the animals have never been judgmental of their human caregivers.
They understand that we are doing our best, whatever that may be, and they are here to help, not to judge. 

My philosophy is that we are all experiencing our journey in life in the best way we can, doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing, and I am here to help you, not to judge, regardless of the situation.

How do I know you have really communicated with my pet?

When I describe the animal’s character and personality, and the animal’s view of the situation, you will know that I have indeed communicated with your animal. I have performed thousands of Animal Communications and only in a very small handful of cases has there been any doubt that I have reached the correct animal.
Very rarely someone will say they think I must have the wrong animal because the information doesn’t make sense to them — and then they will often call me later to tell me that I was correct, but that they just didn’t understand or recognize the message at the time.

Information I will relay to you:

  • I will describe your animal’s character and personality, so that you are assured that I have made contact with your specific animal companion. (* please also see next section)
  • Information regarding any behavioral problems they may be having, and the reasons behind them.
  • Solutions or ideas that the animal has about solving the problems, and how to incorporate them with your suggestions.
  • A body scan to clarify physical ailments or pain they may be feeling.
  • The animal’s needs, wants or messages to you.
  • Referrals to veterinarians and other animal health practitioners in your area when appropriate. 

As a result of Georgina’s work my life with my animals has been immeasurably enriched. We are working in a partnership as never before and the bond is deeper than ever.”

Wendy, B.C.

Visit the Animal Communication Testimonials page for some examples of this process. If a person truly feels I have not been helpful at all, or contacted their animal, I will issue a full refund.

How does an Animal Communicator help you?

An Animal Communicator, also called an Inter-species Communicator or Pet Psychic, has the ability to telepathically connect with another species to send and receive messages and information. These messages may be in the form of words, pictures, emotions, thoughts and feelings or sensations.

I can communicate telepathically with your pet to determine the cause of emotional or behavioral problems, do a body scan to uncover health problems, or even just check with your pet to deliver messages to them for you and bring you messages from your pet. There may be a perfectly logical reason why your cat is peeing on your carpet!

Having been an animal lover all my life, I feel honored to have been able to help thousands of people with all types of animals.

When I perform an animal communication, I am performing an intuitive reading while working with energies. What I receive during the communication is an energetic message from the animal, which I interpret for you.


In performing an animal communication at your request, my intentions are always of a higher purpose. I am here to assist both you and your animal, with no judgment or opinion of the communication. I am not a veterinarian and cannot diagnose a disease. I simply connect with the animal to inquire about your concerns, and relay the message intended for you, with the sincere hope that this is helpful to you both.


  Medical Intuitive Body Scan

I always ask the animal’s permission to perform a body scan. During a body scan I actually feel everything the animal feels. The animal also tells me how they feel in their own words.

I start at the head and feel my way down, checking for pain or pressure, anything that doesn’t feel normal. While I am doing this, I write all my observations down in detail, as well as what the animal tells me, and this is what I would email to a person to give to their veterinarian or chiropractor.

 A typical notation would look something like this: “Sarah said she feels pain in her leg… I felt a sharp pain radiating down my front right arm. It feels like it is coming from the C-3 vertebra and it is a hot, stabbing feeling.   

Going down further in the body, she said she was having stomach upset and there was a feeling of nausea in the stomach, she also complained about heat in her back and I felt heat over the kidney on the left.  

The left thigh felt stiff to move: she said there is not a lot of pain but it is just stiff and hard to move around.  

There was also a numbness in the right rear foot, and the left rear toe had a sharp pain that radiated through the foot… she said that had happened in an old injury.”  

Sometimes an animal can appear to be in pain, but the body scan will reveal areas that are actually just stiff (perhaps arthritic) with no pain at all. 

Sometimes your pet doesn’t look in pain but will start to become aggressive for no apparent reason. This is often because your pet is in discomfort due to a physical problem. 

An Animal Communication can be very helpful in explaining exactly what is going on with your animal friend, often in great detail.

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