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As an animal communicator I feel that my role is to facilitate a deeper connection between humans and animals, to bring the relationship closer and have all sides understand where the other is coming from, what is happening and why.

We need to understand that animals are no less than we are. They have different needs and instincts as well as spirits and souls. Our animal companions are here as our friends and helpers.

Our animal friends live with us in this human world and sometimes it is hard for them to understand our complex ways, just as it is hard for us to understand their natural desires and instincts.

I want to help you understand what your animal is trying to tell you. My goal is to reunite the spiritual connection between animals and humans, bridging the communication gap to help people to understand the connection that animals have with us.

In performing an animal communication at your request, my intentions are always of a higher purpose. I am here to assist both you and your animal companion, with no judgment or opinion of the communication.

My goal is to honour each being as exactly where they are and doing exactly what they feel they need to do, at all times. Life is a journey and we are each learning who we are, why we are here, evolving in our own spiritual process.

My mission is to assist all beings in whatever way I can by being of service in a positive, helpful way.

Throughout my life, I have always loved, lived with and been involved with animals. At the age of 10 I started my own dog sitting business.


At age 14 I began training as a dog groomer which I worked at successfully for many years. I then worked at the local S.P.C.A. and at a pet store.

In 1989 I acquired my real estate license, but realized that I could not be happy unless I worked with animals.

 Cats, dogs, rabbits, turtles, horses, birds and other animals have been a large part of my life.  

In 1990, due to health problems, I began looking into natural healing. I began my studies in different modalities of natural health and healing: human anatomy & physiology, Western herbs, Chinese herbs, homeopathy, edible and medicinal wild plants, and how to live a more natural lifestyle.

I acquired certification as a Herbalist, Nutrition Consultant, Touch for Health practitioner, Energy Healing Practitioner and Emotional Freedom Technique Therapist. 

I also studied Energy Healing for Animals and natural ways to work with animals to keep them happier and healthier.

In 1996 I trained further to become an Iridology Instructor for the International Iridology Practitioners Association. I became a certified Iridologist and teach Iridology as well as Soulular Iridology/Emotional Blueprint Iridology courses.

I also began to teach Animal Communication via Live Workshops and by Correspondence Course.

I have since studied and attended many courses on both human and animal health, to help me better understand the needs of our animal friends.

However, as my natural health therapies certification is geared towards humans, I will always refer my clients to a licensed veterinarian for physical pain or problems that I detect while doing a body scan for an animal.

I also teach Canine and Feline Iridology to help humans take better care of their animal friends and to prevent health issues from occurring.

I am not a veterinarian and cannot diagnose a disease. I simply connect with the animal to inquire about your concerns, find out which areas of the body there may be pain or discomfort in, and relay the message intended for you with the sincere hope that this is helpful to you both.

My ability to ask the animals what is wrong and where it hurts greatly assists veterinarians in their work of healing the animal.

Please see my Animal Communication Testimonials page for some specific stories as well as Testimonials from Veterinarians and other animal health practitioners.

Organizations that I am a member of and/or volunteer for include: * Alberni Valley Hospice Society * Community Futures Development Corporation of Alberni Clayquot * Health Action Network Society * International Iridology Practitioners Association * Boxer Rescue Canada * Boston Terrier Rescue of Arizona * Boston Terrier Rescue Canada

I have been married 41 years to Daniel, a wonderful animal lover. We share our love and home with two female Boston Terrier dogs. We live on central Vancouver Island, off the west coast of BC, Canada.

My home website is GeorginaCyr.com

For information on Iridology, visit http://www.iridology-courses.com

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