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Georgina has been very booked up with appointments for Human Health consultations and other various projects, so has retired from doing animal communication for 8 years now, so is not taking animal clients at this time. 

Georgina has trusted associates who she refers to and works with when she  is not available. These are people who Georgina calls upon to work with her own animal family when she needs outside assistance.

Michelle Berube and Karin Hirsch

Michelle and Karin trained with Georgina many years ago and are trusted associates who stand behind their commitment upholding Georginas Code of Ethics, offering information that is positive and helpful.

Michelle Berube has been working closely with Georgina for the past several years and is a very compassionate intuitive who is extremely helpful, offering detailed information and solutions to help your animal friends.     To inquire with or request an Animal Communications with Michelle, please click on this link 

Michelle Berube:

Testimonials: I contacted Michelle to check in with my feline friend as she was clearly not herself. That is, she was hiding in the bathroom, not wanting to eat and appeared to be uncomfortable.
Michelle communicated with her and did a body scan and stated that she was picking up some discomfort and heat in her abdomen. She further mentioned that I should take her to the vet which I did. It ended up that surgery was required to remove a piece of rubber that was obstructing her small intestine. I will certainly be contacting Michelle again if ever I need to!
Thank you Michelle for your compassion, skill, and intuitive gift!  Blessings, D.S. – Canada 
“Our family is forever grateful for the communications and reiki sessions Michelle offered our fury family member, Heather. Heather had a cancerous lump on her leg, which the veterinarian said could be removed, but due to size and location would be unlikely that they could get it all, as well as, that it would most likely spread throughout her body.
I contacted Michelle immediately and she started right away. By the time Heather had her surgery (4wks later) the lump had shrunk significantly and the surgery was successful!!
Thank you Michelle! D.C & Family- Canada
“I never really gave animal communication much thought until I lost my little Rosco. Michelle came highly recommended and I figured I had nothing to lose by trying to reach out to him. I must admit I was a bit embarrassed at first – imagine a grown woman trying to contact her departed bunny! Michelle was caring, gentle and supportive and was able to accurately detail intimate memories from Rosco’s life that only him and I could have known and without sharing any of that knowledge prior to our communication.
The experience gave me much needed comfort and closure after such a long and exhaustive battle with Rosco’s illness. I did my best for him and I can take comfort in knowing that he is happy and at peace.
I can’t thank Michelle enough for her absolute heart-felt support. I highly recommend her services to anyone thinking of trying this – it’s so easy to do and I’ll be back again.”  J.H- Australia 

“Michelle has a great gift from the Universe, blessed by God’s Animal Kingdom for her intuition, kind understanding & perceptive wisdom.”  D.L- USA
“What Michelle shares provided comfort and encouragement to challenge our ways of thinking and being”.  B.M- Canada
Karin Hirsh        
Karin Hirsch has a very gentle intuitive energy – always positive, helpful and uplifting.  Her expertise, accuracy, professionalism and compassionate nature has been a gift to georgina for her own animals.
Karin Hirsch  –  lives in New Jersey , United States
Click Here to Connect with Karin in regards to an animal communication or to ask questions    

I contacted Karin after a difficult break up in my family. My dog Lucy started displaying strange symptoms and her behavior was unusual. I had no idea what I should do, the vet told me everything is ok with my dog physically. I knew that she wanted me to know something and I decided to get an animal communication session with Karin. This was the absolute best thing to do.

The answers I received were spot on, as if Karin had been secretly living with us and observing the whole behavioral change. Lucy wanted me to know important things about this family break up and when I received her messages and applied what she wanted me to do all was well again. I am more than grateful for Karin’s insights and help.

Barbara H.  ( USA) 

We had experienced a tragic loss. Our beloved dog got very sick and we had to put him down. This was devastating. But with the help of Karin we found inner peace. The messages from our dog that Karin received were helping us tremendously with our grief. There was no doubt that she communicated with our beloved Franky.

Thank you so much!

Marissa and Jeff B. ( Canada) 

Our cat Jody escaped one morning through an open door and we were moving heaven and earth to find her again. After posting flyers, contacting all shelters, vets, neighbors and kennels we felt so hopeless. I found Karin online and decided to give it a try.

I was amazed with how detailed of a description she was able to give us of our surroundings, the area Jody was supposed to hide, how far she travelled, why she ran away and what her plans were. Over the course of several days we followed her trail, I even placed night vision cameras around the house where she was supposed to hang out. One morning I checked again the footage and there she was; hiding beneath an overhang, probably trying to hunt a mouse.

I am immensely grateful for the patience, wisdom and insight Karin offered. She is truly gifted.

Evelyn and Josef ( Germany) 

I highly recommend Karin. My cat Sidney was giving us a hard time. He developed the habit of peeing everywhere in the house, just not in his cat toilet. We tried everything, from changing his diet, his bedding, his exposure to other cats in the home etc. Nothing helped.

After contacting Karin I received the transcript of the session and it changed everything. With only a few minor changes in Sidney’s daily activity the excessive peeing stopped and he seems now to be again his former self, an energetic and loving cat.

We are so relieved that there was no underlying physical issue.

Erin L. ( Canada)



Georginas Philosophy and Code of Ethic that her associates and assistants also work by

Georgina’s Animal Communication Code of Ethics I, Georgina Cyr, and my trusted associates, in recognition of the importance of following a Higher Purpose in all my activities involving all animals and humans, and in accepting a personal obligation to the animal communication profession, its members and the communities we serve, do hereby commit myself to the highest ethical and professional conduct and agree: 
1. We am compassionate at all times, with a desire to help all species understand each other better.
2. We respect all those who come to us. We do not judge, condemn or invalidate anyone for their mistakes or misunderstanding. We respect our clients for their desire for change and harmony. We ensure all communication assists them in a positive way.
3. We respect the privacy of others and keep all information confidential. 4. We respect that everyone, animal and human, is following their own path. We are here merely to help all beings on their journey. We avoid creating a dependency or a need for our services.
5. We refer to veterinarians and other professionals. We do not diagnose.
6. We ensure my intentions are always of a Higher Purpose. We endeavour to keep the animal communication pure. We avoid clouding the communication with our own morals, values, opinions or fears. No matter how a situation or circumstance may appear to be negative, it does have a positive quality within it. We always deliver a message in a positive light. Everyone has the ability to choose a positive or negative reaction to life situations. We give our interpretation in such a way that it is of a helpful nature, assists a positive outcome, and brings peace and harmony to all concerned. Georgina Cyr and trusted Associates


If you do not receive a response, email or phone 250 720-5587. All information is confidential. Your email and personal information will not be shared.

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