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Frequently asked Questions About Animal Communication

My Animal Communication Student Forum Archives have been set up to help the public understand Animal Communication, as well as to give my workshop and correspondence students a place where they can learn from my previous students experiences, regarding all aspects of Animal Communication.

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What kinds of problems can you help with?

People call me from all over the world to find out things about their animal companions or concerning animals in general. They usually are phoning or emailing about an animals behavior problem or difficulty in determining the cause of a dogs health problems, for example.

I help with behavioural or emotional problems as well as physical problems. I work with many veterinarians to help them, because I can tell them exactly what the pain feels like, where it’s coming from and describe the exact feelings the animal is going through. I do what is called a body scan to find out what the physical problems are. I also work with animals who are nearing the end of their lives with us, to relay messages about what they would like and of course I relay messages from all animals at any age about what they need or want their person to know. Problems include cats peeing in inappropriate places, dog aggression, choosing a name for a dog, choosing a dog for a family, dog health problems & symptoms, cat behaviors and what they mean, etc. See my Animal Communication Testimonials page to get a better idea of the problems I have been able to help with.

How does Animal Communication work?

The way it works is through telepathy, which is similar to intuition. If you think of someone and the phone rings and it’s that very person you were thinking of… well, we all have that ability. It is just a matter of practicing how to send messages and how to receive and interpret them. Everything in the universe vibrates at its very own frequency. I am connecting to the vibrational frequency of the being or spirit that you have asked me to connect to, something like being a radio receiver or transmitter.

Why don’t you do Animal Communications over the telephone? I prefer not to do consultations while on the phone. In my experience, during a telephone consultation there is more pressure on the animal, as the owner looks on expectantly. Just as a counselor or therapist would not want you in the therapy room while working with your partner or family member, the animal may not feel comfortable or relaxed enough to show me how they really feel. I communicate with them myself, as an understanding ear without any biased opinions of either you or your animal.

With your animal I am compassionate and concerned, not only with your concern, but also with any of theirs. Without using the telephone, I tend to get a lot more information out of them, without the pressure of your participation. Sometimes I will communicate with the animal for up to half an hour, just hearing their concerns, and you have no need to sit on the phone while I am listening to them. I type during the communication, so that you have a written record for future reference. During past phone consultations, as I relayed what the animal was saying, the person was trying to absorb it and understand it, take notes and ask more questions at the same time. They would keep asking what the animal said, and parts would be forgotten. In the end, we would not have anything clear, word for word, to refer to for further analysis.

Without the distractions of the telephone, I am able to patiently listen to all of the animal’s reasons for whatever the problem is that you have consulted me for. I will then go on to do a body scan to see if there are any health concerns.

I will also ask if there are any other messages they would like to relay to you or anything else they may want to talk about, as they have all the time they need for this, with no pressure, I get more information. I feel that they should have the opportunity to say whatever they feel they need to, with no pressure. I type it all out word for word for you, and email it to you.

You are able to read what they have said, absorb the information at your own speed, and then you can email me to discuss the results of the animal communication and make decisions on what you would like to do from there.

Can you communicate with animals that have died or passed over into spirit?

Yes I can. You see, the soul or spirit of any “being” is simply using a physical body to express or experience whatever it has chosen to in each particular physical form. Each of us, if we learn to meditate, are actually leaving our physical bodies when in a meditation, or even when deep in thought. Have you ever driven somewhere and then arrived at your destination and wondered how you got there because you don’t even remember stopping at lights or making turns? Well, you had left your physical body on autopilot. So, we do have the choice to be grounded in our bodies, or to have our spirits leave them. Most of the time we only leave them for short periods, then come back to the physical.

Animals’ spirits leave their bodies all the time, so much more than we. They also do not have our individual belief systems (based on what family, friends, religion or experience have taught us) to interfere with our expectations and fears of death, so they don’t judge death as being something terrible. They view it more as moving away. They are sad to leave the friends and family that they have made in this physical body at this time, but they do not fear death itself, and they understand that they need to move out of this body, in order to complete the next stage of their own spirit’s process of evolution. So when they die or leave a physical body for good, I am still able to ask them anything I would have been able to ask them while they were still alive, except, of course, how they themselves feel physically.

Does this have anything to do with the Occult?

I always work for a higher purpose, with the highest intention. The energy that assists me to do what I am able to do is coming from the energy of Love and the White Light from God. I work with God’s Will to help all beings. I will not have anything to do with negative energies. When I communicate with animals and am receiving/relaying their messages. I am working for a higher purpose, within God’s intention. I am simply an interpreter for helping anyone I am able to.

How would the communication results for an animal who has passed on differ from a an alive animal’s reading?

In a communication with an animal that has passed on, usually the communication will consist of my describing the animals personality when they were alive, certain things they liked to do etc. so that the human is comfortable that I have tuned into the right animal. The communication is usually about messages for the human from the animal’s spirit concerning the animal’s life with them, all of the things they enjoyed doing together, the wonderful memories and life with them, and other things they would like the human to know. This might include how they feel where they are, what they are doing, etc. These are usually very deep and personal messages that only that human would understand. I also deliver whatever messages the human would like to give to the animal and return any answers for the human from the animal to them. They will still deliver messages and relay thoughts and feelings and concerns for the physical families they have left behind. They may explain why they got sick or were injured or killed, so that the owner has a better understanding. The animals tell me that everything happens for a reason, and once the reason is revealed it relieves a lot of our guilt and sadness. I am often told by the animals that a decision made by their human companions, out of love and concern for their pet, is never the wrong choice. Of course, there are usually individual messages to help the human understand why they had to leave, and further information if there is anything else the animal wanted them to know. These messages are usually very healing, especially when the human carries guilt regarding the animal’s passing.

How can I learn to communicate with animals?

The main thing is Practice, practice, practice! Everyone who develops their intuition will receive information in a different variety of ways: images, feelings, emotions. First of all, you need to be in a relaxed state, with your mind cleared of all distracting thoughts, and then wait in this receiving state for information to come in. People who practice a lot become more aware of information coming in without having to be in quite as deep a state, but when you first start this is very important. I give workshops on animal communication as well as an Animal Communication Correspondence Course and a Professional Animal Communicator Certification Course.

How do you know you have communicated with the right animal?

I describe the animal’s personality and other details to the owner, who confirms that I have communicated with their pet.

What kind of person is an Animal Communicator?

An animal communicator is a person who is very compassionate, kind, caring, sympathetic, and loving to all animal species. We are warm and understanding and have the ability to allow themselves to be very clear and open to sending and receiving messages with animals and being able to deliver the message to the human with no personal influence or agenda. We are  willing to work with people and animals to help to resolve issues regarding behavior, health problems and emotional issues. We love all beings from the heart, and have intentions of the highest purpose. Click Here for my Philosphy & Code of Ethics

What is the role of an Animal Communicator?

As an animal communicator I feel that one of my roles is to try to bring about a connection between humans and animals, to bring the relationship closer and have all sides understand where the other is coming from, what is happening and why. We need to accept that they are no less than we are, but that animals do have different needs and instincts as well as spirits and souls. They are here as our friends and helpers. I want to help people understand what their animal is trying to tell them.

What are your goals in communicating with animals?

My goal is to try to bring humans and their animal friends closer together, to understand each other, to live not only in harmony, but as friends and companions, who treat each other with respect and are aware of the guidelines that create harmony. I truly love all animals deeply, from my heart, and always have.

Are you really working with the animals or their human guardians?

I work with both animals and people, to me there is no difference. Most of us are searching for something and lots of times we don’t know what: often it is, happiness, love, and our purpose in this life. If we allow ourselves to have compassion for ourselves, accept our mistakes (for mistakes are how we learn), love ourselves and quit judging ourselves, we will be then able to share this compassion and love and nonjudgmental acceptance with everyone around us. That would be a profound healing for us all. I hope to share this with the animals and humans I work with so that we can all become happier, healthier, and find that peace within us, through love.

Will my pet know when you’re communicating with it?

Yes! Many times the animal will have a change in behavior as soon as the person contacts me, as though they are so relieved to finally know that their person is going to learn what the problem is or hear the animal’s side of it. Almost always there is a positive behavior change.

What kind of information can I expect about my pet from your consultation?

You can expect a personality profile, describing the animal’s personality so that you feel comfortable that I have indeed connected with YOUR pet. Note: I have performed thousands of successful animal communications, and in only a very small handful of cases was there any doubt whatsoever that I had connected with the right animal. See my Animal Communication Testimonials page if you need reassurance about this! You will be assured that I have relayed the messages that you wanted to convey to your pet, by the validity of the reply I give you from the animal. I will tell you the reason for the animal’s behavior from its point of view, including a description of the situation, which again will confirm that I am speaking to your pet. I deliver messages that your pet wants you to receive. I perform a body scan to see where the animal may be having pain, stiffness or discomfort and will also relay this information to the veterinarian or other health care practitioner.

My consultation will improve your relationship with your pet, help you to know how much pain the animal is in, what the animal wants done about a situation, etc. I can also help to prepare them for change, by asking them if they want a new family member, and can ask them to help in working on a problem.

What is a Medical Intuitive Body Scan?

While I am meditating and communicating with the animal, I ask them if they will allow me to do a Body Scan on them. I always ask the animal’s permission to perform a Body Scan. During a body scan I actually feel everything the animal feels. The animal also tells me how they feel in their own words. I start at the head and feel my way down, checking for pain or pressure, anything that doesn’t feel normal. While I am doing this, I write all my observations down in detail, as well as what the animal tells me, and this is what I would email to you to give to a veterinarian or chiropractor.

A typical notation would look something like this: “Sarah said she feels pain in her leg… I felt a sharp pain radiating down my front right arm. It feels like it is coming from the c-3 vertebra and it is a hot, stabbing feeling. Going down further in the body, she said she was having stomach upset and there was a feeling of nausea in the stomach, she also complained about heat in her back and I felt heat over the kidney on the left. The left thigh felt stiff to move: she said there is not a lot of pain but it is just stiff and hard to move around. There was also a numbness in the right rear foot, and the left rear toe had a sharp pain that radiated through the foot. She said that had happened in an old injury.”

Sometimes an animal can look like it is in pain, as in the case of arthritis, but actually just be stiff with no pain at all or sometimes your pet doesn’t look in pain but will start to become aggressive for no apparent reason. This is usually because your pet is in pain or having a health problem. I really feel sorry for horses, because they can’t growl or hiss, the only way they can show they are in pain or to warn you that they are having a problem is to not do what you command them to do or refuse to move, so then you get frustrated when the horse doesn’t move! The horse is trying to tell you they don’t want to move because it hurts! In these cases, animal communication can be very helpful indeed.

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