Animal Communication Testimonials

What People Say About Me

“Animal communication is an “in” thing these days and many people claim they communicate with animals. I am sure that many people do; however, to be able to interpret what one receives from the animal is probably the most difficult aspect. Many communicators confuse their own emotions and feelings with those of the animals. I have found Georgina’s interpretation in the animal’s communication to be very reliable. She often says things about the animal’s health, and her analysis of the situation is very accurate. We routinely refer animal owners to her for communication. I find her communications sincere, honest and straightforward.” 

Dr. M. Smith Tree of Life Veterinary Care Courtenay, BC


“I have found Animal Communication very useful in a number of cases, particularly those in which I and the owner feel that the symptoms are triggered by emotional issues. The animals’ responses don’t necessarily lead us to the right remedy, although they have in some, but they are helpful in total case assessment and in monitoring progress. I highly recommend other holistic veterinarians try animal communication using someone with the intuitiveness and skill of Georgina Cyr.”
Dr. M. Drosdovech
Holistic Veterinarian
Kelowna, BC


I have sent many of my friends and patients to Georgina for answers with underlying emotional issues with animals. She is extremely gifted in hearing what the animals tell her not only about emotions but explaining their situations on health issues as well. This is an incredible resource for everyone who wants to help those animal family members in their lives. Everyone has been pleased and in awe of the info they have received from Georgina and use her on a regular basis now for everything from rodents to horses. They all have opened up their mind and their heart from the positive results they have had from Georgina.” 

Kimberly D. Balas, PhD, ND Board Certified Naturopath Certified IIPA and NHC Instructor


“As a Doctor of Chiropractic who specializes in animal care I have the opportunity to assess a variety of pets for musculoskeletal and neurologic problems. I continue to be impressed with the accuracy of Georgina’s communication with each animal she refers to my clinic whether it be a dog, cat or horse. She is able to describe with precision, each animal’s problem and often can relate it to certain activities or events. This is exceptionally useful, as it helps us change the environment the animal is exposed to which may prevent further insult to injury. I am extremely confident referring my clients to her in the search for deeper answers when my treatments and understanding fall short.”
Dr. J. Kettner
Victoria BC


Georgina, THANK YOU! On your advice I took Maggie (and my cats while I was at it) to the vet to have their teeth cleaned. I asked the vet to inspect Maggie’s right side because she was chewing funny – I told them nothing else. Well guess what, Maggie had a bad tooth on the upper right side way in the back that was infected and almost an abscess! I got goose bumps when the vet told me about it. You were 100% right and it was the only tooth that was bad. I really appreciate you and your talent. I was at the end on my rope and your fast response was wonderful. Again you have my heartfelt thanks for all time.”

Judy – Vancouver


We are fostering a rescue dog who is originally from Puerto Villarta, Mexico.  We’ve had him for about seven months now and even though he is getting a little more secure, he still has this shyness – especially around men.  My husband Tom is extremely patient around dogs and it’s one of the reasons why we were asked to take Jack as he has such a special way with dogs.  Jack has been comfortable around me from the beginning, and despite reading and searching for solutions to help him feel more secure around Tom, it just didn’t seem to be happening.  After hearing about animal communicators and searching intensively on the web, we came across Georgina’s website.  We are so happy with the results of her communicating with Jack!  She told us the reasons behind  his shyness/behaviours and gave us suggestions for Tom to move forward with Jack.  Jack seems a changed dog in so many ways now – he is so much more comfortable and the two boys are definitely bonding!  She even gave us input on his health which we’re moving forward with as well.  Thank you so much Georgina! 

Jean Caveth – Lake Louise


Just wanna say thank you for the reading you did with my cat Buddy. Before I had the reading I was feeling so sad and felt empty after my best friend Buddy had passed away, I could tell I had a huge hole in my heart after his passing. The day I checked my e-mail and saw that Georgina had sent me the reading with Buddy I instantly began to get shivers all over my body, her “spirit reading” was so precise and accurate. Not only was it what Georgina said in the reading it was also  how she had said it, she totally captured Buddy’s personality on how he would say things if he could talk. There is no doubt in my mind Georgina Cyr was able to communicate with my cat Buddy. For the first time after Buddy’s “graduation” I am feeling happy and feeling complete again. Georgina’s reading gave a part of me back that I thought I had lost forever.

Thank You

Gord in Kamloops 


I have been struggling with my dog Kada’s aggression for awhile now. I was feeling so desperate to understand why she was so aggressive to other dogs and  I needed to know from her perspective. I did a bit of research about animal communication and stumbled across this local woman named Georgina Cyr. I had read other peoples testimonials and it sounded like she knew what she was doing. I connected with her thru the computer and when she gave me the reading and told me why Kada was so aggressive to others, it all made sense. There were so many things that she said that no one else would have known. She said Kada was” tight” in her body, feeling like she was “ready to explode”. Just earlier in the week, I had held my dog by giving her a hug and said to my self,  that kada felt tight and stiff, not relaxed at all. Georgina hit the nail on the head, right away. Then she said Kada was feeling this way because there was a lot of electrical energy  in the home, well we live right next to the hydro power lines that run electricity to Port Alberni. She also said that Kada felt like “a ball of static electricity”, and every time I pet her she shocks me. Lastly, she  commented on how Kada wants to go for “longer runs” not walks, “RUNS”. I run Kada every day and she said specifically, “run”. I was blown away how accurate she was. I have used Georgians advice on how I can help Kada relax more in the home. Kada has done better with relaxing more. She is also getting better when we introduce her to  other dogs and we are now going on longer runs. For those who are not sure if Georgina is the real deal… look no further she is amazing. Thanks Georgina for what you do and a big (WOOF) thank you from Kada. :O)

Miranda Havard – Port Alberni 


“A very dear friend of mine on Vancouver Island gave me a reading of my cat Paddypaws for my Birthday present this year. At the time I had no idea how amazing it was going to be. Georgina described him as though he were sitting next to her telling her what to say. She was so accurate in her descriptions of his personality, his relationship to me and his health that it was difficult to remember that neither of us had ever met her. She was particularly helpful in guiding me through his needs during his long battle with kidney failure. She described how he knew exactly how to get what he wanted from me, and she was so right. I highly recommend Georgina to anyone who would like to know “exactly what their pet is thinking” or needs expert guidance as to their needs whether physical, emotional or spiritual.

Rosemary Wong,
Calgary, Alberta.


“Having to let go my beloved Verno, is one of the most difficult
decision I had to take.Followed by a sense of guilt, loss, doubt
and misunderstanding, I’ve decided to contact Georgina, hoping this
may bring some peace. Well it did! Georgina, with only very
little information about my cat, was able to connect with him in
a manner that the information she got, and then described to me,
were so truthful, accurate, and right to the point, it was
astonishing… I knew that cats could feel lots, but never as
much as I’ve learned following the transcript of her connection
with Verno. After getting this information, it answered questions
I had and, in a way, confirm some thoughts. So do not hesitate,
go ahead and do it. Thank you so much Georgina, you are very
gifted as an animal communicator, and I will recommend you to
anyone who asked without hesitation.“

Caroline LeBlond – Montreal


“Georgina was able to pinpoint and describe an emotional issue concerning our cat, Ned, which had been troubling me since we rescued him as a kitten. Something in what she said “clicked” and felt right, and has resulted in a more relaxed relationship between us. She also did a body scan and let me know exactly where on his spine Ned would need treatment to ease the pain he was in after a fall and alerted me to some discomfort in his throat, which I will be following up with my vet.

It is impossible to look at your cat in the same way again once he has “spoken” to you through Georgina and I feel very grateful to have experienced her sensitive, respectful and very insightful service. What a special person! I don’t know how it works, but it certainly does.”

S. Hunter Sheffield, England


“Wow. Where do we begin? First we’d like to thank you. The communications for our precious Shar Pei’s Tas-Mo and Xanadu Sonryse could not be closer to the truth than if you lived here with them to see it! You described Tas-Mo’s personality and physical ailments to a “T,” and the type of relationship she has with our other dogs. As for Xanadu, we find it hysterical that you referred to her as the “Princess.”

This is a pet name we gave to her a few years back! You also described her personality perfectly and the things she loves to do, as well as helping with her current health status. We cannot tell you how greatly this confirmation/knowledge has touched us. WE THANK YOU WITH ALL OUR HEARTS. We can’t begin to tell you what your insight has done for us.”

M. Cohen & S. Gardner, New Jersey




“Georgina, I cannot believe how incredibly accurate and perceptive your communications were regarding my three dogs and their lives in our home. There is no way you could have known as much about them as you did if you did not truly communicate with them. I only had told you their breeds and the fact that they were rescues. You knew nothing about either me or them, yet, unbelievably, you told me things that were specific to each. You zeroed in on each one’s individual health problems and picked up on facts that only my husband, our vet and I knew. Your accuracy makes the most hardened skeptic a believer. Additionally you gave me a message from one of my dogs that you said only I would understand. Its subject, although you couldn’t know it, involved a family crisis that was working itself out as you did our reading. I never expected anything as detailed and as cogent, and I truly thank you for the insights you provided so that I could understand them better. Gratefully,”

M. Shimberg Tucson, AZ


Dear Georgina, First of all, let me say thank you so much for the communication you provided me for Spike.I couldn’t believe it when I read what you had to say.        

After sending my consultation form to you, I noticed that Spike had a very large lump on the left side of his back, close to his spine. The spot was very warm to the touch and seemed very painful for him. I immediately scheduled an appointment with the vet, who performed x-rays on Spike. I discovered that Spike has spondylosis, for which I am now treating him. I never provided you with this information; however, this is the first thing that you told me … Amazing!

As well, you went on to tell me about why Spike is being sensitive about his feet and ears. It took the family over a year to be able to groom his feet and he is still sensitive to strangers touching his ears. This all makes sense now. Spike has always had a sensitive stomach, and from your reading I find that it bothers him a lot more than any of us knew. I am now working very hard to help him with his troubles and it is you I have to thank for helping me along the way. Georgina, I cannot begin to say how much you have helped me. Your reading of Spike was completely accurate and the information you have given me has been invaluable to helping me get Spike the medical help that he needs. Thank you so much! Your gift to help animals is truly special and very much appreciated. You have not only helped Spike, but you have helped our entire family more than words can possibly say. I will definitely contact you down the road to get a follow up reading for Spike to see if we are on the right path for improving his health. Sincerely,”

Shelly W, Kamloops BC


“Hi Georgina,
My husband{Bob} was also impressed with your ability.
I had never heard of an “animal communicator” until my veterinarian
suggested I try one to help me learn how to better deal with my
epileptic dog, an Irish Setter.
Georgina was amazing! I don’t understand how she is able to
communicate with Cimarron over long distances and how she has been
able to let me know what he is thinking and how he wants to be
treated. She has been very helpful and he is doing well. The
experience has opened my mind to different approaches to treatment and
understanding. Thank you Georgina.“
Agnes Gillies


``This is my first experience with communicating with our pets. I was nervous and not so sure what to expect. At the same time I was so desperate to get our family back to where it was that I was willing to pay anything for the chance it may work. We had one of two Siamese cats that was spraying in our house every night when he was inside. I tried so many things and cleaned and cleaned and it would still happen. I thought I was going to have to get rid of him because he was destroying the house and it was taking a toll on me and our family. I didn’t want to split up the Siamese twin brothers and this was my last option. Georgina talked to my cat and found out what his problem was and from the first time she talked to him we have not had an issue with him spraying indoors. She told us stuff about our house that she could only know through the communication of the cat and through his eyes and point of view. She even communicated with him after we lost his brother on the highway to see how he was. I am so happy with the success of this and the information provided that I will definitely communicate with my animals again through Georgina.

Thank-you Georgina. You truly saved my family and kept us all together.“

Lee-Ann Tiverton Ontario Canada


“Georgina, thank you for helping us to pinpoint the health problems of our dear Corgy dog Aku. He was so sleepy all the time and doctors could not tell us what was wrong. I took your reading to the doctor and she did all the tests and found his pain, exactly where    you found it as well. Aku has now received the necessary treatment and he’s been a totally different dog after your consultation. He’s been doing very funny noises like he is trying to talk to us. Most of all we are grateful that the reason for his sleepiness was found: he was in so much pain in his back. He’s much more alert and hyper now… and playing with “little brother” puppy Hannes. The best thing in this kind of consultation is that you don’t actually have to be in the same room or even near! Thank you again for your healing and advice–they’ve meant so much to us!”

M. Kostiainen and family Helsinki, Finland


“Hi Georgina, I’m not sure how to thank you for all your help. Before I knew Lucky was in pain from his bad tooth I just figured him going potty outside his litter box was a behavior problem. Boy was I wrong. Since his dental cleaning he has been a totally different cat.

I’m so thankful for your accuracy, his vet said that if he had gone on very much longer with the infected tooth that the outcome would have been most likely fatal. He is about 20 years old but you never would know it by the way he acts now. He actually hunts and talks which is something I haven’t seen him do before. He definitely is feeling good and loving life now and I sincerely owe all that to you. Thank you Georgina, you have definitely made a difference in my life and Lucky’s also. Have a good day and I’ll be talking to you soon. “

L. Snowden Snohomish, WA USA


“We all long to be able to really communicate with our animals. When we love them, we have a sense that we really are talking to them, that they do understand us. But to be able to ask them directly about their lives, their worries and their wishes, is a dream come true. I was in no way a pushover when I first contacted Georgina. I’d had some contact with animal communication before and had found it rather hit and miss. When I asked Georgina to contact my cat , the reading which resulted utterly convinced me that there was an extraordinary connection. What Georgina told me was full of detail which I had never discussed with her, and she was not afraid to touch upon difficult issues, which convinced me there was a deep honesty in her work. When a stray moved in with us I was deeply moved when Georgina was able to pass on to me not only very practical advice on how to handle the situation from the cat’s point of view, but also information which was clearly connected to an animal of mine long dead. Anyone who has lost a beloved animal can imagine the healing which an experience like this can bring. As a result of Georgina’s work my life with my animals has been immeasurably enriched. We are working in a partnership as never before and the bond is deeper than ever.

But perhaps more than anything, Georgina’s work, once you’ve seen it yourself, will reaffirm the invisible connectedness which we all sense instinctively joins us to those, both animal and human, that we love.”  

L. Coghlan England


I was always interested in “animal communication,” which is unfortunately quite unknown in Germany. The more I’ve read about it, the more I had the wish to have a reading on my beloved cat Nellie. I have no certain problems with her, I just wanted to know a little more about her and how she feels. I was amazed how accurate Georgina Cyr, the animal communicator, described Nellie’s character and her behaviour towards other cats. With that little information (gender, colour) Georgina Cyr has given me answers to all my questions about Nellie…. But the most fascinating thing was her message from Nellie to me. That made such a perfect sense to me and contained things only Nellie knows! The reading was the most exciting and fascinating thing (via e-mail!) I’ve ever experienced and I have even a stronger bond to my cat. Telepathic communication with animals is possible- Georgina Cyr made me a true believer! Thank you so much!”

S. Schierhoff Menden, Germany


“Dear Georgina, thank you SO much for Shadow and Kidget’s readings. It’s almost as if you’ve lived here for the past 5 years, it it SO on target with their personalities ; ) And now that I have some idea what they’re thinking and feeling, I’m better equipped to help them. Actually, I’ve reinforced what you said to Kidget by calling her a princess now! Thank you again for everything.”

Laura C Arlington, New Jersey


“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this amazing gift of a message from my beloved Kate who just passed on.

You have no idea how much peace I am feeling this afternoon; since she passed, I’ve been raw. I always called Katie ‘my blessing’ for that is what I felt she was – a blessing from God. It is typical of Kate that she would give you a blessing too, so that you can help others.  

About four years ago, you did a communication with my rescue dog who was, at that time, living with another family. He joined our pack when he was no longer able to remain with them and I found what you had said in your report of your communication with him to be most helpful to me as I tried to calm his fears and help him settle. He is now happily living with a lovely family and it’s the perfect place for him! Bless you!”

Jennie V Vancouver, BC


“I have used Georgina’s animal communication services twice and have been very pleased with the accuracy of the results. First she established characteristics that were unique to the individual animal concerned. These were very specific, not at all vague, these were characteristics that only someone who knows the animal would be able to confirm. Part of the communication involved a “body scan” for possible disharmony.In both instances our veterinarian was able to confirm the results of these “scans” by way of physical examination and tests. This included a condition that was unknown of prior to the “scan”. I have no hesitation in recommending Georgina’s animal communication services. I found them to be accurate, insightful and helpful. And I believe they helped me to understand and better help my animal companions.

T. White Victoria B.C.


“I first called Georgina to ask for her help in identifying my sister’s horse’s reoccurring leg slashes and night attacks. I was very impressed with the accurate and helpful reading that we received from Georgina. With her help we were able to learn how and why some of these things were happening and she gave us suggestions as to what could be done about it. She was willing to help further if we were not totally satisfied with her first reading. I found her to be a very caring and loving person reaching out to share her understanding and insight into the inner thoughts as well as the lessons being brought to us by our animal friends. We benefited greatly by her assistance and would highly recommend her services to anyone. Thank you Georgina! “ Love & Prayers, B. Lee Grand Prairie, Alberta


“I was in contact with Georgina Cyr, Animal Communicator earlier this year, regarding two of my animals, a dog and a horse. I found Georgina’s information regarding my animals most illuminating and very accurate. Should I have further questions or problems with my animals, I would not hesitate to contact Georgina in this regard. Georgina is compassionate, and very approachable.” P. Hurtig Salmon Arm, B.C.


“Georgina, your reading of my cats was certainly interesting, you described both of my cats’ personalities very well, and you were incredibly accurate as to what was going on with their health issues, and what had contributed to not only them but, ourselves in feeling ill. I thank you so much, because with your reading from the cats, we were able to remedy the problem.” V. Kostiuk Amsterdam


“HI Georgina,

I just wanted to let you know that I think there’s been a great success with Dolly! She wasn’t left alone until Monday (you did the consultation on Friday morning) because I stayed with friends for the weekend, and then Dolly had a sleepover with her best dog friend on Sunday. But now she has been left alone for three evenings in a row – for four hours this last time – with no problems!! I think she seems to be much better, and i thank you so much for communicating with her. I wanted to let you know that there has been a definite improvement! I also did move her crate into the living room. And I had the most amazing experience last night in which she actually just casually stayed out sleeping on the couch in the living room when I went to bed!!! The fact that she didn’t feel as if she had to be by my side was a first! She’s relaxing and trusting that I won’t abandon her. I would never have imagined she’d go to bed in another room, without me.

Thanks again!“


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work with my terrier Griffin and collie Abbey. Before you intervened Abbey was listless and depressed. Abbey was tolerant of Griffin, but would not bond, and was frequently too rough with Griffin, which resulted in almost daily fights. Griffin had several behavioral problems. The three most significant being that he would not let me apply needed medication to his ears without him aggressively trying to bite me, he would not let other dogs enter my house when they came over to visit, and since Griffin is a old rescue dog and nearly totally blind and deaf, house breaking patterns were non-existent. I noticed immediate improvement after you were able to communicate with Griffin and Abbey. Abbey is now very understanding of Griffin and his medical/physical limitations. Abbey is no longer jealous of Griffin and has become Griffin’s best buddy. Abbey is a very big help to me now as she and Griffin are inseparable. This change in Abbey has caused her depression to vanish, as Abbey feels very responsible for her new friend.

Griffin showed immediate improvement the day you were able to communicate with him.

He allows me to medicate his ears whenever necessary, and he is a gracious host to any neighborhood dogs that visit my home. The most dramatic change was Griffin’s newly acquired housebroken behavior. This was a critical problem and almost caused me to give up Griffin as he was unable to hold his bowels. Griffin now clearly lets me know when he has to relieve himself, and we have not had an accident since your communication. I tried everything before I contacted you and nothing worked. The change in Griffin was immediate, without any action on my part, which is clearly a result of your intervention. Sincerely,”

M. Wolfe Los Angeles, California


“I heard about Georgina through a friend who had experienced her gift. I have a ferret adopted from a rescue society and at the time of contacting Georgina, we were also fostering one of the society’s sick ferrets. I wanted her help in contacting my adopted ferret to reassure him and see what we could do for him during the adjustment period. In turn she also spoke to our foster. She was very reassuring to all of us. We also found out about an earache my ferret had.

When I found out that she was coming to do a workshop I jumped at the chance to take it. In her workshop I learned that I already do communicate with animals and that I need to trust what I receive. She taught us how to trust ourselves and how to enhance our communication skills with the animals. Since then I have become more in tune to animals and learned to trust the feelings and thoughts I receive from them. I have been able to help my friends with their animals and in turn they got the medical attention they needed. Thank you Georgina.”

K. Barody, Edmonton, Alberta


When Georgina got in contact with our horses, the problem was figured out quickly. When we changed things to the way our horses needed them, we could really help them, as they were very sick. After we did what they needed, they felt much better, and were returned to health. It really helped solve the problem, getting in contact with Georgina. Many thanks!”

A. Schwab Germany


Georgina’s communication with our beloved Penny and Jennifur has helped us tremendously in understanding and coping, first with their wellness, illness and treatment, and ultimately with their passing. Through her communication we have been able to accept, and given us peace of mind, that we did our utmost to provide the best love and care any animal could possibly be given. I hope this short testimonial endorses and captures the essence and spirit of our dealings with Georgina and the satisfaction she has given us in knowing our Penny and Jennifur are OK.”

W. & B. Langeloo Kelowna B.C.


“I have been calling upon Georgina for many years now, whenever I have a problem or question regarding any one of my five cats. The information that Georgina has given me has been great. I have been able to work out problems or issues with my cats directly after speaking with Georgina, by knowing exactly what the animal was feeling and what they needed. The first time I called Georgina, I had a “family” session done, finding out answers to many questions. The results were amazing! I now knew what one cat wanted to be called, and what another hated to be called, so names were changed, and everyone was much happier. Georgina, has also helped me better understand why my cats would react in certain ways – which has helped me make sense of situations, and get to the bottom of some behaviour issues. Georgina also helped me very much, when it was time for a friend to pass over to the spirit world. Without her being supportive for me, and communicating with the animal, I would never have known exactly what the animal was feeling or what the animal really wanted. With Georgina’s help, letting go was easier. Thank you Georgina!”

K. Hauck Hamilton, Ontario


The reading you did with my Thoroughbred gelding, Irish, was absolutely accurate. The pain he had in his hoof eventually developed into a sole abscess! The neck pain you described was also confirmed through massage therapy. You also told me that he had pain that seemed to go through the spine. That was also confirmed later by my Veterinarian as arthritis in his sacroiliac joint. Irish is a true character and he certainly expressed that through your communication with him. I want to thank you so much for giving me so much insight into his personality and his physical problems. AND for confirming my belief that Irish and I were meant to be together! Some of the information you gave me about Comet didn’t make much sense at the time, but in hind-sight it makes absolute sense. The other horse you communicated with, Orph, was really a behavioral challenge and yet I used the information you gave me to try to be more understanding with him. Many of the “Why’s” were answered by your communication with him. Thank you so much for all you did to help me understand and try harder myself to find subtle ways to communicate with Orph and with all of our horses.”

Sincerely, Derry P, Kelowna


“Dear Georgina, Thank you so very much for the consultation. I am stunned by the results. All my friends as well. At first I was just doing it to see if it really did work now what I have taken from it is an even greater appreciation for my best friend. I am taking your suggestions for the massage book and a visit to the chiropractor. You hit the nail on the head with Rocky being a sweet boy, I could not put it better myself. His view of me had the most impact, admittingly I even got emotional. Once again thank you. “

Lucky, Victoria, BC


“I contacted Georgina a few weeks after our beloved cat, Olive, passed away. I wanted to know that we could talk to her and send messages to her. This was very evident in Georgina’s communication with Olive and most comforting. What was surprising and, as it turned out, most valuable was the deeper spiritual and prophetic messages Olive had for us. In essence she said she would be a guide and teacher to me and indeed I have added a new level of intuitive work to my practice. In addition Olive told us that we would get a dog and that we would know her because she would speak to us and have dark brown on beige markings. After many visits to several animal shelters we “just popped in” to the Calgary Humane Society one day and there she was, our little darling’s picture on the wall. I knew immediately that she was the one.

While we were with the dog in the meeting room she went to the door and repeatedly asked to go out. We told a technician who took the dog outside for a bathroom brake but that wasn’t what she wanted. She was telling us to take her home which we did a few days later. Our “Sherri” has chestnut brown markings on beige as described by Olive through Georgina. It would take more than a brief outline to explain how much Georgina’s reading has meant in our lives. Her description of Olive’s personality and of Sherri’s colouring and “speaking” to us were so accurate. The spiritual and prophetic messages also turned out to be right on. In times of grief it is immensely comforting to know that our pets live on in the afterlife just as we do. My Husband and I were overjoyed to learn that Olive’s life, although short, had a higher purpose in our lives. I would recommend Georgina Cyr to anyone who wants to contact their beloved animals. It is a most rewarding experience.”

Nicola Elliott Lapierre Heartsong Holistic Care Calgary, Alberta


“We told Georgina that we had a male dog named Finny, 5 yrs old, who had passed away. No other details were given. From this small amount of information, she was able to relay to us specific information about Finny’s death and some very precise symptoms of his illness. She wasn’t told Finny even had an illness! For all she knew, a car may have hit Finny! She then described specific habits and behaviours, which Finny had – things that are not the run-of-the-mill stuff, and that only my wife & I knew about. For example, she mentioned how Finny had a quirky way of sitting, and how he made a cute, unusual gurgly noise to get our attention. We were initially skeptical, but the specificity of the message was uncanny. This insight was proof that Georgina was communicating with Finny. This is the important part! Through this communication, we were able to express to Finny our affection, and Finny, in turn, was able to communicate back to Georgina, his affection for us. Thanks Georgina. A positive experience!”

Cam & Chiho Victoria BC, Canada


“I had contacted Georgina for help with my horse who had been having extreme health problems and diarrhea for months, and even with many tests, the vets could not find out what was wrong with her. I was afraid it may be cancer. Georgina said that she felt that Pudden, my horse, was telling her that she was experiencing symptoms similar to what e coli felt like, and she also received from Pudden that there also may be a “bug” Pudden wanted us to be aware of.In addition to that she described Pudden as feeling a though she had a virus as well because she felt that Pudden was having fevers. Little did she know that Pudden was indeed having fevers, actually up to 105 degrees, and also we had treated Pudden several months ago for e coli with a drug that our veterinarian had prescribed. After the standard length of treatment, we assumed the e coli was gone and was not the problem. As it turns out.. the E coli is still a problem for Pudden and furthermore, the “bug” that Georgina described on the property was actually an area that gets flooded with water from other fields of stagnant water, and that is where Pudden likes to go, and that is where we figured she got the first case of e coli.I found georginas accuracy of Puddens personality to be right on as well and I am ever so thankful for her help. Now our vets know exactly how to help Pudden.

Moira, Ohio


Testimonials about the Courses:

“Dear Georgina:

I wanted to share with you two of the experiences that I have had
with this wonderful course. One of my dogs is a little fox terrier
named Charlie. His biggest issue is of course his exuberance and lack
of discipline. He is a terrier after all! I worry so much about
letting him run off of the line as there are many dangerous
situations around our new home. I was running four of my dogs down
the field road behind my farm. Charlie took off at one point and was
headed straight towards a public road about 100 yards away. Rather
than sink into my usual panic, I calmed myself and ran a connection of
love to him. I created the image of him running towards me and being
by my side. It took a few minutes, but he eventually turned back
towards us. Something caught his eye in the irrigation ditch and he
veered off and went down in the ditch. I re-calmed myself and again
sent him the image of where I wanted him to be. He came up out of
the ditch and bolted toward me. Needless to say, he was praised
beyond measure.

The building that houses my cats and rabbits is much smaller than
they are used to and I have not completed their outdoor play area
yet. They are not happy being indoors all the time. We had a wind
storm which broke one of the windows leaving a small opening in the
glass. I found my wise matriarch cat Digit on the roof. Her daughter
follows her everywhere and I feared that Buttercup was out as well.
A head count proved my fears. I had to be with a visiting Vet all
day and couldn’t stay to find her. I fought the images of her laying
injured somewhere, which is where my mother’s mind tends to wander.
I held the image of her staying by the outbuildings and away from the
road and sent it to her on a beam of love light. When I got home, I
spent some time looking for her to no avail. Rather than loose
confidence in the process, I repeated to her where I needed to be so
that I could return her to her mother. In this image, I also included
her mother’s desire to
have her home. I went in the house for about an hour and when I came
out, she was in the exact spot that i had visualized her and requested
her to be.

Needless to say, I am thrilled with the opportunity to be involved in
this training. I have always felt that I had communication with all
of my animals, but understanding the need for imagery when I
communicate with them has already changed our lives for the better.
Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I can’t wait to finish
module 1 and get going on 2!!“

Peace and joy,


``Hi Georgina,

It’s Helen from Kentucky. I am one of your animal communication students. 
I really like listening to the channeled animal angel music CD and I open the windows, so it can be heard outside. We love it. Is there a longer version of animal angel music? It is so beautiful, I love the way it flows and brings out feelings of love.

I hope all is well with you.“




“Hi Georgina,

I found your book A Journey very soft but precise way how to find the way through the death experience. Although I managed to go with understanding through all the death experiences I had so far, it is every time a challenge to say the right words to the one that is facing it, actually most of the time I feel that the silence is the most appropriate state of being with them.

Death, this mystery, is a taboo in local society. And that leads to a situation that most of the people do not know how to deal with it. It is for them even more demanding as most Czech lost their faith in God in the past communist regime.“


Dear Georgina,

I had always found it difficult to mediate and to relax until I completed the mediation as week one assignment. The feeling was amazing… I felt focused and relaxed at the same time. I imagined being surrounded and breathed in a glowing cloud. I focused on the White light, tried my best to imagine it, and found my body relaxed by your guiding voice. The CD really does help me to mediate. I found listening to the CD enjoyable and it really does help me to get into my space more easily and comfortably.
I am writing this email to thank you for introducing animal communication and mediation to me and the others. I believe in good karma and am very thankful to have the opportunity to learn how to mediate. Thank you so much.
Warm regards,
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